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King James Version
King James Version
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1 Chronicles

The First Book of the Chronicles

The First Book of the Chronicles gives accounts of the realms of Judah and Israel followed by the historical backdrop of David and the sanctuary of God in Jerusalem.

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2 Chronicles

The Second Book of the Chronicles

In the Second Book of the Chronicles Solomon creates the temple yet subsequent to dismissing God, Babylonians force Israel into captivity and annihilate the sanctuary. Key characters are King Solomon, the sovereign of Sheba, Rehoboam, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, Joash, Uzziah, Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Josiah.

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A book of story history and ancestries that present a precise record of the arrival of the Jews from the Babylonian imprisonment and of the revamping of the sanctuary.

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The Book of Nehemiah

The Book of Nehemiah gives a chronicled record with respect to the revamping of the temple and how Nehemiah modified a divider around the city to shield from further assaults.

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The Book of Esther

A mysterious account history (some accept the writer was Mordecai) exhibiting the tale of Jews who remained behind after others came back to Jerusalem after imprisonment. Esther becomes sovereign of the land and spares her kin.

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The Book of Job

Potentially the most old book in the Bible, it recounts to the narrative of a man assaulted legitimately by Satan while his companions contend about the purpose for the terrible occasions encompassing him.

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The Book of Psalms

An assortment of 150 melodies of happiness, regrets, favors, and thanksgivings that Israel sang to God in acclaim.

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The Proverbs

An assortment of the insightful colloquialisms of Solomon that instruct shrewdness to God’s kin. Sayings are short, shrewd stanzas (simple to recall) that manage life, trustworthiness, and Godly standards.

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Ecclesiastesor, the Preacher

A philosophical assortment of axioms, adages, and maxims that investigate the significance of life and proffer insight to others looking for truth in God.

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Song of songs

The Song of Solomon

An assortment of adoration songs (lyrics) about affection, want, and marriage. The motivation behind Song of Songs is an image of God’s affection for his kin.

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The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

Composed by Isaiah, one of the significant prophets. Gives a background marked by how the prophet Isaiah cautioned Israel of future judgment and a coming ruler who will bear their transgressions. Contains probably the most unimaginable predictions of any book in the Bible.

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The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah

Predictions reporting the coming Babylonian bondage, the enduring of the individuals, and a definitive oust of their adversaries. Key characters are the numerous lords Judah, Baruch, Ebdemelech, King Nebuchadnezzar, and the Rechabites.

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